Integrating Innovation is a PHIMC initiative designed to build a culture of innovation that empowers health professionals to creatively solve health challenges and expand their impact. This approach and mindset inspires new ideas and transforms the way we envision health. PHIMC identified three broad pillars for its long-term strategy to promote innovation throughout the health field.

Pillar 1: Build capacity for innovation in the health field (external) – Provide supports and opportunities for partners and health professionals to understand and integrate innovation culture, processes, and tools into their work.

Pillar 2: Build a culture and an intentional pursuit of innovation within PHIMC (internal) – Integrate innovation culture, processes, and tools into PHIMC operations and partner interactions.

Pillar 3: Advance innovative approaches to health challenges (internal/external) – Intentionally pursue, support, and/or disseminate innovative health projects and initiatives that improve health outcomes and increase health equity.

Integrating Innovation: An Introduction for Health Professionals is a cutting edge training developed by PHIMC to build capacity for innovation in the public health field. The workshop is an interactive, module-based training that allows the flexibility for implementation in one day or installments overtime. Through this training, participants achieve the following objectives:

UNDERSTAND the concept of innovation and where, when, and how it is achieved

EXPERIENCE using innovation problem-solving processes and tools

EXPLORE the innovation ecosystem and support services online and throughout Illinois

CULTIVATE their inner innovator by identifying ways to integrate innovative mindsets and methods into their public health work

For more information and to find out how you can get trained, contact Deputy Director – Strategy and Partnerships Blair Harvey.